Hohner Blues Harp Harmonica, Key of C 532-C

SKU:  1103-532-C
Manufacturer Part #:  532-C
Diatonic, single reed harmonicas feature reeds tuned to produce the natural notes of the musical scale - without any additional sharps & flats (a diatonic instrument). They are ten-hole instruments with the four middle holes comprising a complete eight-note octave - the holes on either side permit chord playing. They are capable of producing bending & overblowing, which will allow the player to achieve sharps and flats. The MS harp with the wood body - and old favorite! Wood body construction gives the blues harp the raw blues sound that so many professionals demand. Includes new packaging convenient for music stores!


SKU:  1103-532-C^532BX-C
Manufacturer Part #:  532-C
Weight:  0.37
Price: $57.99

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